Meet the Team

Bobby Bodner, EA, M.S. Tax | CEO

Bobby spent years building a professional toolbox, advising up-and-coming businesses from behind the scenes until he noticed one commonality: fear. Common business practices such as bookkeeping, accounting, payroll and taxation intimidated his clients. When he realized no one was offering clear and simple solutions for the self-employed or small business owner, Breadify was born. His extensive education includes graduating with a Master of Science in Accounting Taxation from Purdue University Global. Paired with his experience as an active Enrolled Agent with unlimited practicing rights before the Internal Revenue Service, Bobby helps entrepreneurs save thousands of dollars annually on taxes by applying vastly underutilized but completely legal loopholes within the Internal Revenue Code.

Jordan Diamond, CIA | Accountant

Having focused his career on public accounting, Jordan has extensive experience providing risk management and operational internal audit services. In leading Breadify’s bookkeeping team, it’s Jordan’s goal to maximize our clients wealth by meticulously tracking their finances and identifying all available tax write-offs.

Joshua Halpern, JD | Lawyer

At the helm of Breadify’s legal department is our partnered firm Legal Halp LLC run by Joshua, a corporate attorney with experience representing start-ups and early stage companies in entity formation, mergers and acquisitions, strategic planning and asset protection.

Ricki Bodner | Marketing

As an entrepreneur, Ricki earns a full-time income online. But with success came stress and as Ricki made more money, he struggled to keep his accounting organized. Ricki conceptualized Breadify to help likeminded entrepreneurs achieve financial peace of mind.

Chad Sonkin | Sales

Chad is the most popular person in any room he walks into. A recruiter-turned-salesman, what Chad lacks in tax and bookkeeping knowledge, he makes up for in people skills.

Danny Bodner | Blockchain

Danny has a bachelor's degree in computer and information science from The Ohio State University and is currently pursuing a master's degree in software engineering at Harvard University. He is an active member of the United States Navy who has generated more income through cryptocurrency investments than the military will ever pay him.

Nes Rivera | Bookkeeper

With six years in accounting and finance, Nestle understands the vital role of bookkeeping as a business foundation. We prioritize organized and updated financials, helping clients maximize tax savings with tailored strategies for significant industry benefits.

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